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Generous Hermeneutics: Hans Thomas Hakl and Eranos

Religiographies 2:1 (2023)

An analysis of Hans Thomas Hakl's contribution to the study of the Eranos circle and its influence in the study of religion and esotericism. The core argument is that Hakl's work is based on a "Hermeneutics of Generosity" in contrast with the more common "Hermeneutics of Suspicion" that has informed scholarship on Eranos.

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Close Encounters with the Third Kind:
A Hermetic Theory of Imaginal Consciousness

Religiographies 2:1 (2023)

A philosophical analysis  of three related metaphysical concepts that are of core importance to the Hermetica: the aiōn, the Platonic chōra, and the Aristotelian phantasia (imagination).

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Esoterik und Demokratie: Einige Klarstellungen

Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung 

German translation of my article "Esotericism and Democracy: Some Clarifications" (published on my blog Creative Reading in 2022).

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Altered States of Knowledge: The Attainment of Gnōsis in the Hermetica

The International Journal of the Platonic Tradition 2:2 (2008), 128-163.

Based on close reading of Corpus Hermeticum I (Poimandres), C.H. XIII and "The Ogdoad and the Ennead", I argue that these central Hermetic treatises must be understood in terms of a spiritual praxis resulting in alterations of consciousness.

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