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In den beginne was de toorn: Het demonische bij Jacob Böhme

Ab de Jong & Aleid de Jong (eds.), Kleine Encyclopedie van de Toorn (Utrechtse Theologische Reeks 21), Utrecht 1993, 43-56.

"In the Beginning there was Wrath: Jacob Böhme and the Demonic". A structural analysis of the concept of "wrath" as a counterpart to "love" in the Christian-theosophical system of Jacob Böhme. I'm still quite pleased with it, and used it for my article "Jacob Boehme and Christian Theosophy" (2015). NO PDF AVAILABLE

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New Age en cultuurkritiek

J.W. Nienhuys (ed.), Skepsis in de New Age (Skeptische Notities 9), Utrecht 1993, 1-29.

Based on a lecture I gave at a conference of the Dutch organization of skeptics. Under the title "New Age and culture criticism, I argued that New Age is best understood in terms of what it critiques than of what it affirms.NO PDF AVAILABLE

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