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Articles and Book Chapters 2012

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Entheogenic Esotericism

Egil Asprem & Kennet Granholm (eds.), Contemporary Esotericism, Equinox: Sheffield 2012, 392-409.

I'm proud to have coined the new term "entheogenic esotericism" here, for the important but seriously neglected phenomenon of visionary and other kinds of revelatory experiences in esotericism induced by the use of psychoactive substances. 

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Imagining the Unconscious

Intellectual History Review 22:4 (2012), 563-568.

This is a very critical review articles about Angus Nicholls & Martin Liebscher's edited volume Thinking the Unconscious. I was shocked by the display of historical nonsense based on projecting Freudianism back onto authors such as Goethe, whose facial expression in this picture would seem to be quite appropriate...

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Western Esotericism: The Next Generation

Sergey Pakhomov (ed.), Mystic and Esoteric Movements in Theory and Practice, Fifth International Conference: History and Discourse, Historical and Philosophical Aspects of the Study of Esotericism and Mysticism, Russian Christian Academy for Humanities: St. Petersburg 2012, 113-129.

In an attempt to take stock of the development of the study of Western esotericism, here I distinguish between several phases or upgrades: after Western esotericism 1.0 and 2.0 it is time for a new upgrade: Western esotericism 3.0. See also the Russian translation in Aliter 1 (2012), 7-24.

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Западный эзотеризм: следующее поколение

Aliter 1 (2012), 7-24.

Russian version of "Western Esotericism: The Next Generation".

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