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Articles and Book Chapters 2017

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Religion and the Historical Imagination:

Esoteric Tradition as Poetic Invention

Christoph Bochinger & Jörg Rüpke, in cooperation with Elisabeth Begemann (eds.), Dynamics of Religion: Past and Present (Religionsgeschichtliche Versuche und Vorarbeiten Bd. 67), De Gruyter : Berlin 2017, 131-153

Here I argue that the concept of "imagination" should be restored to the status of a crucial key term in the study of religion. More specifically, the historical imagination can be analyzed in terms of a double polarity of factuality versus non-factuality and poeticity versus non-poeticity.

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The Theosophical Imagination

Correspondences 5 (2017), 3-39.

In this article I argue that "clairvoyance" as understood by modern Theosophy was not grounded in mesmeric somnambulist techniques, as commonly assumed, but in the forgotten "science of psychometry" developed by Joseph Rodes Buchanan and William & Elizabeth Denton. 

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The Great War of the Soul:

Divine and Human Madness in Carl Gustav Jung's Liber Novus

Lutz Greisiger, Alexander van der Haven & Sebastian Schüler (eds.), Religion und Wahnsinn um 1900: Zwischen Pathologisierung und Selbstermächtigung, Ergon: Würzburg 2017, 101-135.

In this analysis I argue that Carl Gustav Jung's Liber Novus (The Red Book) documents his personal experience with radical psychotic visions, interpreted by him in terms of the "divine madness" (manía) that in antiquity was believed to allow entrance to the numinous mysteries of existence.

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C’è una luce in fondo al tunnel ? La qualità come risposta al neoliberismo e all’eccesso informativo

Roars: Return on Academic Research, 17 april 2017.

Italian translation of my blogpost "Profile 2016", first published on Creative Reading (2015).

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Religia i wyobraźnia historyczna: Tradycja ezoteryczna jako kreacja poetycka

M. Rzeczycka, A. Świerzowska & I. Trzcińska (eds.), Imaginatio, ‘Światło i Ciemność’, vol. 8.,Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego: Gdańsk 2017, 9-40. 

Polish translation by M. Kruk & A. Świerzowska of article published this same year ( see above).

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Colloquium Heptaplomeres IV (2017), 33-38.

Russian translation of my article "Idolatry" (2015).

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