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Empirical Method in the Study of Esotericism

Method & Theory in the Study of Religion 7:2 (1995), 99-129.

This article has been much quoted, because it was the first theoretical statement for a consistently empirical/historical approach to the study of esotericism. As such, it broke with the dominant tradition of religionist approaches (and also, although this has been less noted, of reductionist ones).

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From the Devil's Gateway to the Goddess within: The Image of the Witch in Neopaga­nism

Ria Kloppenborg & Wouter J. Hanegraaff (eds.), Female Stereotypes in Religious Traditions, Brill 1995, 213-242.

An overview article about the witch stereotypes, from medieval perceptions through the Malleus Maleficarum, and from Neopaganism to Satanism. NO PDF AVAILABLE

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De jonge Krishnamurti: Van Wereldleraar tot "Vrijdenker"

Hans van der Kroft (ed.), Waarheid zonder Weg: 100 jaar Krishnamur­ti, Mirananda: Den Haag 1995, 92-110.

"The Young Krishnamurti: From World Teacher to 'Freethinker'". A short article in Dutch about Jiddu Krishnamurti's development from a messianic worldteacher-to-be to an independent thinker who rejected all spiritual authorities and traditions. NO PDF AVAILABLE

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Krishnamurti en het "Einde van de Tijd": De gesprekken met David Bohm

Hans van der Kroft (ed.), Waarheid zonder Weg: 100 jaar Krishnamurti, Mirananda: Den Haag 1995, 171-178.

"Krishnamurti and the 'End of Time': The Conversations with David Bohm". A short article in Dutch about the conversations between Jiddu Krishnamurti and nobel prize-winning physicists David Bohm.NO PDF AVAILABLE

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