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Articles and Book Chapters 2007

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Fiction in the Desert of the Real: Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos

Aries 7:1 (2007), 85-109

An analysis of the legacy of dark existentialist nihilism in popular occultism, with reference to Michel Houellebecq, H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos and its influence on contemporary esoteric currents such as popular occulture and chaos magick.


Pseudo-Lullian Alchemy and the Mercurial Phoenix: Giovanni da Correggio’s De Quercu Iulii pontificis sive de lapide philosophico

Lawrence M. Principe (ed.), Chymists and Chymistry : Studies in the History of Alchemy and Early Modern Chemistry, Watson Publishing International LLC: Sagamore Beach 2007, 101-112.

In this article I discuss an alchemical text that should perhaps have been included in my edition of the Hermetic writings of Lodovico Lazzarelli and Giovanni da Correggio

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The Trouble with Images: Anti-Image Polemics and Western Esotericism

Olav Hammer & Kocku von Stuckrad (eds.), Polemical Encounters: Esotericism and its Others, Brill: Leiden / Boston 2007, 107-136.

A theoretical article about the role of images in relation to Western esotericism, and especially the fear and distrust of "animated images" rejected as idolatry by monotheism and even in modern intellectual discussion.

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The New Age Movement and Western Esotericism

: Daren Kemp & James R. Lewis (eds.), Handbook of New Age, Brill: Leiden / Boston 2007, 25-50.

An overview of the New Age movement and Western esotericism, very much based on my dissertation.


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Hermetische tradities en de natuurwetenschappen: Tussen beeldvorming en complexiteit

Frans J. Meijman, Stephen Snelders & Onno de Wit (eds.), Leonardo voor het publiek: Een geschiedenis van de wetenschaps- en techniekcommunicatie, VU University Press & Da Vinci Institute: Amsterdam 2007, 295-305.

A short article in Dutch about the "Hermetic Tradition" and the natural sciences, of course with attention to the famous "Yates thesis" (picture: Frances A. Yates) NO PDF AVAILABLE

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Kocku von Stuckrad (ed.), The Brill Dictionary of Religion, vol. II, Brill: Leiden etc. 2005, 790-798.

Dictionary article on "gnosticism".NO PDF AVAILABLE

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