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"As academics we are expected to write and publish, but we are not supposed to waste our time reading." This remark by a colleague - as absurd as it is true - inspired me to start this blog. As an academic in the field of the Humanities I spend much of my time reading, and on this blog you can see how that works. If scholarly writing has any value at all, then the reading that precedes it deserves respect as an integral part of the creative process that leads to knowledge and understanding.


A Poem at the Edge of Reality


Esotericism and Democracy: Some Clarifications

Butterflies of Freedom (Salman Rushdie)

Ukrainian Diary


History is the Mystery (Justinus Kerner and the Seeress)

Nobody Wins unless Everybody Wins

Protecting the Sacred after (Post)Modernity


The Real Hermetic Tradition (Lazzarelli and Correggio)

Enter: The Gods (Interview)

Yes, it is possible... (Rainer Maria Rilke)

The Third Kind (Gilles Quispel and Gnosis)

Alterius non sit, qui suus esse potest (Will-Erich Peuckert)

Living with Ambiguity (Chaim Potok)

In Search of Humanity: Reading Thomas Mann


Remembering Jac. Lissenberg


Esotericism and Criticism: A Platonic Response to Arthur Versluis


Imaginary Homelands: Stefan Zweig, Gershom Scholem, and George Prochnik

Evola in Middle Earth

The European New Right doesn't get it right: The Danger of Manichaean Historiography

The Cure: (or: Confessions of an Anti-Neoliberal Liberal, with Recommendations)


Horizon 2020: Walking the Road with Robert Musil


Profile 2016

Theosophy in Secret Germany

On the Death of Khaled Asaad


On Reading Email (Once a Week)

Exterminate All the Idols 


Fatima's Knight 

Butchering the Corpus Hermeticum: Breaking News on Ficino's Pimander

Of Essences and Energies 

Alt & Neumann on Hermetismus

Desire for Beauty 

The Next Generation 


Grand Theories, Feeble Foundations 

Science in Virtual Reality 


Something Rotten 


Emotional Obscurity 

Academic Suicide 

Even Bigger than Aegypt?

The Paper Trail

Historical Unconsciousness 

Dreamtime is Over 

Memories of a Magician 

Pagans in Schwabing

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